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Free Mentoring

Private facebook group for those wanting to live a life and build a business in alignment with what God is calling them towards. 

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Business Mentoring 2023

Make 2023 a masterpiece. A one year experience including all my short courses. Step into your calling with confidence and peace.

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1:1 Mentoring

Create a business and life that feels like fire. Walk with me 1:1 and receive all programs and courses when you are VIP.

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Grow your own food garden at home. Feed your family fresh food from your garden everyday.


🌱 13 module program to work through at your own pace. 

🌱 Harvest food every day.

🌱 $222AUD life-time access

Start anytime.

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3 month mentorship

Grow your own garden with personalised mentoring along the way.


🌱 Grow a Garden online course

🌱 Weekly garden check-in and next steps mentoring (12 weeks)

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🌱 ongoing access to all updates on the course. 

🌱 $555AUD

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In-person classes

Personalised design and support for your garden. includes:

🌱 Grow a Garden online course

🌱 2x 1 hour consult in my garden or online in yours.

🌱 $444AUD

This can be done if you are a local (SA, Australia) or if you are overseas. 

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Hi, I'm Jay 

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Hello there, and welcome, 

After 14 years 100% self-employed, buying my house, starting and selling businesses, I have spent the last 3 years coaching women to follow their heart in business and life. 

Most women that come into my world have a big dream and a burning desire to share their vision with the world. They may not know what it is yet, but they know they are here for something special. 

My work here is to support you to bring this special something to the world. Turn it into a business, product or service, and turn your dream into something that makes life better for your community. 

I know that God has placed a desire on your heart and that to say yes to it, you must take aligned action. 

Taking action IS SAYING YES. 

I would love to get to know you. 

book a call with me to have a chat about how to bring your dreams to life. 


"All the worlds problems will be solved when everyone is truly heard and seen"

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