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Welcome to


where Business is ART

A place where business is redefined

online coaching and programs for women who want to set their lives on fire and create a life and business from feminine foundations. 

Hi, I'm Jay Kimber

Welcome to a world where business and art exist together

My programs and coaching lead women powerfully back to the truth of themselves through their bodies first, and then through camera work and finally aligned business creation.


My 12 years in business has led me here, to a whole new way to do business. I'm here to elevate the voices of women, so their deepest art can truly become a business that feels like home. A business in feminine energy heals you first.

I love you, and I can't wait to work with you.

I have many ways you can work with me. The most popular options are below. 

My next Experience

A three month coaching experience like no other. 

Build your business and life on feminine foundations. 

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An active membership for women coming home to their feminine. The foundations of everything I teach, as well as weekly LIVE group coaching calls with me. 

$555AUD for 3 months


$222/m for three months 

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6-month high level 1:1 mentorship with me. This includes EVERYTHING that I offer. You will be able to join all the live programs, have access to all past programs, weekly 1:1 calls with me and access to all masterminds. 

$1777AUD/m or $9999AUD pay in full

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Kelly Storum


I found her because I found you

All the time and money I've spent on searching wasn't wasted after all. It was to bring me here.

Sherree Maniks

I feel like everything that Jay has offered me over the past few months has helped pull together all of the threads of my life. 

Words really can't express the amount of excitement and gratitude I feel as the unique tapestry that is me gets richer and fuller with every woman I work with. 

Sammy Moffat

Jay helped me to see myself. She gave me permission to be me and as simple as it sounds, it has opened me up and taught me to love myself for who I am! Learning about the masculine and feminine energies and reframing the concept of having to “find” myself to instead lean back and “create” the person I want to be has been so much fun. Jay’s coaching techniques are not only unique and life changing but addictive because I just keep wanting more. Applying what I have learnt into my daily life is so powerful.

Amanda Gardener

EmbodyHER has dropped me back into myself! Jay, you hold such a safe nurturing container, and share from a place of pure from embodiment.

I love how much more connected I feel to my inner masculine and feminine and how moving from this place is shifting and shaping my outer world to the next level

Leisa Timms

"I believe whole heartedly your programs should be a stepping stone for all business women"

This work will guide you back to the truth of yourself and your gifts, and give you the tools to share it with the world. 

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