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Shine bright and clear in business. 

Clarity, Strategy and Spirit. 

3 months

1:1 and group sessions

1. Biz Clarity (your message, purpose, outcomes and audience)

2. Create and refine your biz menu

3. Menu (offerings and pricings)

4. platforms, marketing, social media

5. launching and momentum

6. Forward thinking and momentum

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When you have a desire, and say yes, you open the next door to more. 

but here is how you say yes. 


You haven't really said yes until you ACT. 

Our minds and bodies often FREEZE US. Holding us back from this yes inspired action. 

This, here, 

this stuck moment is the moment we need to get curious about. 

Leaning into this moment HURTS, it BURNS.


But if you are willing to stay with your body and keeping walking, you light our life on fire. 

All your dreams and desire will start to weave into your life. You will feel alive, your eyes will shine, you will be proud of yourself and your life will change.

This winter, I am inviting you to get curious about what is on the other side of the frozen action in your body. 

In this 3 month group Body-mind you will:

🙌🏼 Find new layers of safety in your body and life

🙌🏼 become more masterful at leaning into the transformative power of pain and pleasure.

🙌🏼 Become a transmutation genius.

🙌🏼 Boost your confidence from the inside out

🙌🏼 Become more magnetic

🙌🏼 Embrace the beauty of your unique desires

🙌🏼 Watch your desires become more powerful than your fears.

🙌🏼 Lead yourself into a life of your dreams by taking action

Lifting the veil on pain and pleasure.

BURN begins 31st May

runs for 3 Months

weekly group call

voxer/audio support in between calls

Purchase the mastermind below:

$1111 for three months

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Artist are the ministers and teachers, not of this reality but of the one we are creating now. 

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