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Create a business that feels like art, and a life that you don't need a holiday from.

There is a revolution happening in small business and it is being led by women. All over the world women are lighting up their lives when they say YES to claiming their fiery passions. They are claiming a new way of life, one filled with purpose, pleasure and personal power in business and life. We are claiming back the essence of our femininity and bringing in into the work place, into our businesses, and into our homes. 

I have designed three transformational programs that come together to form this bundle. I am so proud of these works of art, this business and this message. Your business can feel like art, and inside of these programs I unravel everything I did and all the energetics behind who I had to become to create a multiple 6-figure business that felt like effortless art. 

The three programs you will get in this bundle are Embody HER, Camera Confidence and She's Open.

It starts by introducing you to masculine and feminine energy INSIDE of your body, not only as concepts but as practical lived experiences, so you can distinguish the two energies and start to make them work together for you. Then in Camera Confidence you are led into the world of falling in love with yourself first, and beginning the deepest self reflection. And finally, in She's Open, you will be taken through the steps to open your store, your business to the world.

This bundle is self study, but for just $556 extra you can have 4 x 1:1 VIP sessions with me as you go through the programs.


The art of feminine pleasure in business and life

Shake the way that you navigate your internal and external world. Dive into the pleasure your body and soul yearns for. 

In this program we work deeply with your inner masculine and feminine energies. Apply them to business and to life and energetically clear up your ability to receive as a woman in business.

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Camera Confidence

See yourself deeper and then be seen online.

Become more fully expressed find your courage to live and to share your magic life. 

You will learn how to be yourself on camera and use camera work to heal your relationship with yourself, so you can show up powerfully online. 

This program is about seeing yourself first and truly falling in love with the person you are. Then start to create the next steps forward as you share your message with the world.  

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She's Open 

Create your aligned business

This work is energetic and so practical. The outcome of this program is to have clarity on what you offer in your business.

Clarify your audience, your message and speak to them powerfully whilst still giving yourself space to grow with your business.

Your aligned business requires tapping into what you have learnt in the last two programs and then taking aligned action. 

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VIP option 

add on 1 month VIP COACHING with me. 1 call per week and access to audio support for the whole month.

My 1:1 coaching sessions are FULL, in one hour we can cover so much. Bring your ideas and your notes and any dreams about what you are desiring to create. 

We will dive sooooo deep together. 

This includes the whole Business as Art experience (with life access) start 1:1 coaching with me straight away or 1 month after purchasing. 

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Hi, I'm Jay 

I have a fiery passion for women feeling comfortable in their own skin, sharing their gifts and getting paid for it.

Last financial year my business made over $200k in sales with over $120k in profit. I spent most of my time dancing, listening to music, investing my time in coaches that inspired me and lifted me up. I created 8 online courses that have made profound changes in peoples life. 


THIS BUNDLE IS EVERYTHING. It is the best of the best of all my content from these three programs from the past 12 months. 

See you inside

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