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This dance & manifestation course will:

🔥 Connect you to your feminine energy

🔥 Unlock your personal style of dance

🔥 Assist you to cultivate confidence, pleasure and flow in life

🔥 Allow you to create the person you want to be.

Your unique style of dance is waiting to be expressed.

Dancing from the inside out looks different for everyone

So much more than just dance

Dive deeper into your body, physically and energetically. 

Explore what it means to live from the INSIDE OUT.

Connect your hips and your heart and bring your fully activated self out in to the world.

Enhance your relationships, your joy and your business/creative endeavours.

What to expect in the FEM FIRE Course:

🙌🏼 Over 25 Dance Classes that will activate ALL of you

🙌🏼 Exercises on manifestation through moment

🙌🏼 Quantum movement training

🙌🏼 Get centred, sink into your delicious hips

🙌🏼 Activate your heart! and PLAY

🙌🏼 Return home to your feminine energy.

🙌🏼 Free Movement

🙌🏼 Camera training and journalling

🙌🏼 A fresh feel for life - this course is FIRE for women

Hi, I'm Jay 

my body and my dancing is my ART.

Rediscovering it has lead me on that most inspired journey over the last 18 months.

I created this course Nov 2019, and since then have created a multiple 6 figure online coaching business following my art.

My mission is to bring balance and harmony back to the masculine and feminine energies in the world. I do this by guiding people to live from the INSIDE OUT.

"All the worlds problems will be solved when everyone is truly heard and seen" - Jay

Let's dance.

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