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Including two transformational masterclasses

Messages From HER

Messages from HER is a purely 'channelled' powerful masterclass. It offers as a guide to return to the wisdom of your body. 

The home of the feminine is receptivity, what happens when you let yourself surrender completely and empty yourself? You can be refilled with pure divinity, and messages move through you. 

Three part masterclass - each containing a guided meditation.

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Small Business Mastery

Small Business mastery Masterclass  marries the genius of the feminine with the action of the masculine. These three classes, plus fiery Q&A go deep into the energetics and practical sides of starting and running a small business as a woman (or a human with a feminine essence).

It is the marriage of your inner feminine and inner Masculine energies that will move you and your business in harmony. You will be blown away by how effortless it can be and how satisfied you can feel. 

This three part masterclass has practical exercises for each day. 

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open yourself energetically, share your gifts, create an online business.

Hi, I'm Jay 

Last financial year my business made over $200k in sales with over $120k in profit. I spent most of my time dancing, listening to music, investing my time in coaches that inspired me and lifted me up. I created 8 online courses that have made profound changes in peoples life. 

I have a fiery passion for women feeling comfortable in their own skin, sharing their gifts and getting paid for it.


This bundle will give you the energetic foundations of my business.

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