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Translate divinity through your body

God in the body - Level 1

pre-launch for existing clients

An embodied experience through the layers of yourself, right to the depths of the wisdom of your body. A deeply devotional space to dive into the wonders of you as a vessel for creation. As this work is unravelling inside of you, "you" are removed, you drip so deeply into feminine receptivity that you give way to GOD. The pulse of life on this planet courses through you just as much as it courses through the rest of creation. You grow until you die, you are designed to translate god through your body. 

In this level 1 experience you can relax, and know that you are held so deeply and soundly in the homeostatic nature of the universe. Everything is self organising. There is a secret that we will touch in this work. This is that you are the SPARK that allows the creative action to come onto the planet. through you, the experience of the planet is created. The process in Level 1 God in the Body is the map to truely know how to co-create with god. Through your body. So that your art is a translation of the divine and your life becomes the ultimate prayer.

1 month program

Each week includes embodiment and meditation classes to practice each stage of allowing God into the body. By the end of the program you will be walking through life with a feeling of being held by something greater. Knowing that you are apart of this self organising universe. 

Week 1 - Drip

Melt back into the place of potential inside of your body. This is the place of home. deeply know that further up is further in.

Week 2 - Bubble

Meet the pure inspired impulse of creation through your body, understand where it comes from and what it is saying. let it be translated through your whole being. 

Week 3 - Spark

Alignment, knowing and decision created from Body, Mind and Soul. Translate this into a potential next action.

Week 4 - Fire

Move in the world with God in the Body. Be the fire, live life as a prayer for the world that you want to create. 

recordings will be available if you cannot make every live call.

Genius is not created in the mind, it is discovered in the body

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Art is God Translated

Hi, I'm Jay 

Hi beautiful, 

welcome to my world. A world where God is welcome. a world where devotion to the self organising nature of everything is evident. 

I grew up in a devoted christian family, we went to church three times every weekend. And I was a very enthusiastic christian, believing the whole world lived this way until age 11 when I discovered this was not the case!

I swung away from the christian teachings for many reasons and went and explored a whole world of spirit. 

Recently the language has and foundation of how I live is again inspired by christian text, incorporating embodiment work, masculine feminine understanding and the old gospels that were left out of the bible, as well as a study of energy, the importance and place of ART. 

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