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Dance and Divinity School

If you are here, you are feeling the call. Back to truth and back to the purity of God. 

The church, or perhaps the religion of your childhood never landed quite right, it left a churn in your spirit and in your stomach. 

The call back to God is one that burns from the inside. It's a call to know the 'thing that is bigger than us' in an intimate way. The right way. 

We are called to have a personal and secret relationship with God, a sacred dance with the divine, and we are looking for a safe place to nurture this.

God is the Body offers 12 weeks focus on God.

I use movement and dance as a way to practice surrender in motion. Surrender to Gods will and Gods plan.

Dance is a safe and creative way to learn what it feels like to move and live with God in the Body.

Join God in the Body

Aligning with Divinity

Get into right relationship with God.

Explore and understand why God is Masculine. 

Heal your relationship with the masculine and father.

Explore and understand our crucial feminine role.

Explore free will and understand freedom. 

This is for anyone who has felt the love of God, but has felt like that you can "get it wrong".

This part of the course will heal your relationship with God all the way through, God will become the most exquisitely beautiful and safest place on earth.

femFIRE dance program

This work will awaken LIFE itself inside of your body and train you to move in surrender. 

Light the fire inside of your body, and go out into the world with renewed confidence and purpose. 

This is a 4 module dance course, you will meet your whole body through movement. 

Lose your mind and find your natural flow. Learn what it means to be surrender in motion. To give your movements up to God. 

A blend of dance classes and free movement sessions.

Gods Gatekeeper

Filled with the Spirit of Truth, how do you move in the world? How do you hold yourself? What do you speak about and what are you called to do?

Who do you become when you see the world anew?

This part of the course is the bridge to aligned service. 

The beginning of the beginning.

Once you have aligned with and you understand how to live on fire for God what comes next?

When we stop gatekeeping God and open the flood gates, the whole world opens to us and we start to co-create miracles and really become Gods hands. 

Here is something I wrote one evening when I understood through my body what/who Jesus was and what it means to know him with my whole body. 

Giving your heart to Jesus is not something you can just do after one church sermon 

"Raise your hand if you accept Jesus into you heart." 

Sweet idea ✋ 

But what happens next if you have really chosen to let Jesus into your heart. 

You transform, you burst open from the inside out.

Your heart breaks to make room for him.

Your whole body has to learn what it means to be the home of God. 

Your identity slowly melts away in a torturous torrent day after day tearing down the many faces you have worn. 

Giving your heart to Jesus isn’t an idea, it is a revolution of what it means to be a human. 

No longer glorifying our personal freedoms and choices, but surrendering our choice to find ultimate freedom. 

Every part of you will fight, every piece of your flesh will distract you from this holy marriage, this divine calling, yet every moment you say yes to God fully, tears will wash you clean. 

You dance between the numb hum of self empowerment and the fully alive devotion of being a living sacrifice. And sometimes you want to tear your body apart from the inside out, for fear of losing yourself, your mind, your carefully constructed self completely.

But if you allow it, God will gently unravel you, heal you and place you back together as a whole new creation. 

A being of magnificence, held together not by your will, but by the effortlessness of Gods plan. And every step you take will be to glorify God, your every word a devotion, your every breath, love. 

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