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Shine your magic confidently on camera

🔥 learn to love yourself on camera

🔥Get clear on who you are talking to

🔥 Cultivate confidence, pleasure and flow in life

🔥 Create the person you want to be.

Let your magic shine, baby.

It's so much more than confidence on camera

This program will reconnect you to parts of yourself you may have forgotten.

This work will lead you to remember, the voices in your head about what other people are thinking of you ARE YOUR VOICES.

You will meet yourself so deeply, then you will start to create yourself. Right here, in this program. You will blossom your magic. 

What to expect in the MAGIC ON CAMERA program:

🙌🏼 3 week intensive program

🙌🏼 Fall in love with yourself and your unique expression more

🙌🏼 self-photography skills

🙌🏼 Confidence on camera and social media training

🙌🏼 Experience going LIVE in a safe space

🙌🏼 Learn to engage with your potential clients online without always selling

🙌🏼 Instagram and facebook training and practice

🙌🏼 Smashing through barriers of being seen

🙌🏼 community

🙌🏼 A renewed sense of power and purpose

Hi, I'm Jay 

I have a fiery passion for women expressing themselves and being seen in the world.

After years of cultivating confidence and communities online I bring you Magic on Camera (an evolution of Camera Confidence). 

My mission is to bring balance and harmony back to the masculine and feminine energies in the world. I do this by guiding people to live from the INSIDE OUT.

"All the worlds problems will be solved when everyone is truly heard and seen" - Jay

Let's get on camera babes.

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