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A coaching experience like no other

Spend 6 months with me recreating yourself and your business. 

Create a life from the sparkle in your eye, a spark in your heart and a fire in your womb. This is the foundation of a feminine based business, a business that feels awesome for you.

The She Blooms Mastermind is a 6-month powerful experience for women who are wanting to redefine business, start from scratch with feminine foundations or get a fresh perspective on what their business could look and feel like moving forward. 

It's time to come home. 

This mastermind is for any woman, you do not need to be in business, you may just want to expand yourself and maybe one day step into a business that feels like art.  

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Reconnect to your feminine power

This program is 14 days of LIVE pure magic. The information is rich and the transformation here is at a level that will shake the way that you navigate your internal and external world.

We work deeply with your inner masculine and feminine energies. Apply them to business and to life and energetically clear up your ability to receive as a woman in business.

Magic on Camera 

Truly be seen, heal and blossom

This is a LIVE program, hosted in a private facebook group. It is 21 days of pure presence, action and feedback on your camera work.

Your essence is nurtured, and you have a safe place to be deeply seen, to heal and to blossom. The outcome of this program is to be more fully expressed, and to live and share a magic life. 

You will learn how to be yourself on camera and use camera work to heal your relationship with yourself, so you can show up powerfully online. 

She's Open

Your aligned business

This work is energetic and so practical. The outcome of this program is to have clarity on what you offer in your business.

Clarify your audience, your message and speak to them powerfully whilst still giving yourself space to grow with your business.

Your aligned business requires tapping into what you have learnt in the last two programs and then taking aligned action. 

This 6 month deep dive includes:

🙌🏼 All my programs incl. embodyHER - Magic on Camera - She's OPEN - this year is ... magic - She's Sexy

🙌🏼 fortnightly 1:1 calls with me

🙌🏼 an on-going group mastermind with all the ladies in She blooms (group audio support on VOXER)

🙌🏼 A foundation set in working with your INNER MUSE (intuition and genius) 

🙌🏼 Clear Masculine container to support consistent Aligned Action.

🙌🏼 Everything to support a feminine based business

In these 6 months you will dance with:

🙌🏼 the genius inside you

🙌🏼 the energy behind a feminine based business model

🙌🏼 your magic on camera, consistently and powerfully

🙌🏼 what your gift is to the world and start taking action to share it

🙌🏼 your feminine energy.

🙌🏼 running a business in a balanced masculine and feminine energy

🙌🏼 the foundations of a business that heals you first and can grow with you overtime.

🙌🏼 daily devotion

🙌🏼 Dance, Journal, reconnect and bloom and TAKE ACTION

You can have everything you want

She Blooms is open and there are spaces available. 

You can begin anytime. 

Create or expand in to a business that heals you first. 

A business that can create the world that you want to live in.

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