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Start the year with

SHE BLOOMS - Q1 Bundle.

Business as we know it as changing. Women are stepping into their power and finding their authentic voice. As we marry feminine energy with the world of business, we are seeing a revolution of businesses that truly are ART.

During this 3 months your experience of business will transform. You will transform. This experience is an introduction into a new way to do be, do and have what you desire in life, including a magic business.

Welcome to SHE BLOOMS Q1 Bundle

 It includes my 3 signature programs:

πŸŽ₯ Camera Confidence 

🌹 embodyHER

πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’»she's OPEN

as well as 3 private coaching sessions

I don't separate you from your business. I let your business be an extension of you, your divine service and your powerful voice. Your feminine-based business is the experience that has healed you first. It is our responsibility to be seen and to elevate the collective.


Get clear, find your powerful voice and transform your business and life from the inside out.

This Bundle is the perfect transformational to start 2021

At almost 50% off this bundle is only available at this price to the first 10 people

1:1 Coaching

Included in SHE BLOOMS is a 1 x 1:1 coaching session per month. This is where we go deeper into the work we did in the programs.

My signature Programs

Camera Confidence

Truly be seen, heal and blossom

This is a LIVE program, hosted in a private facebook group. It is 21 days of pure presence, action and feedback on your camera work.

Your essence is nurtured, and you have a safe place to be deeply seen, to heal and to blossom. The outcome in CC is to be more fully expressed, and to live life like you want to tell the story.

full price - $555 AUD

embody HER

Reconnect back to your feminine power

This program is 14 days of LIVE pure magic. The information is rich and the transformation here is at a level that will shake the way that you navigate your internal and external world.

We work deeply with your inner masculine and feminine energies. Apply them to business and to life and energetically clear up your ability to receive as a woman in business.

Full price - $888 AUD

she's OPEN

Open your aligned business

This work is energetic and so practical. The outcome of this program is to create a whole store of offerings that you can stand behind, communicate about and deliver powerfully.

Clarify your audience, your message and speak to them powerfully whilst still giving yourself space to grow with your business.

Full price - $888 AUD

Camera Confidence Starts on Jan 11th. The first 10 people to purchase this bundle will get the 50% off discount of $1555AUD

Value is over $3000AUD

Purchase She Blooms Bundle below

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We are here to redefine business. Business and Art are becoming one as the feminine energy takes up space once more. 

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